10 October 2009

Pumpkin Patch (1&2)

Day 1 - Last Saturday. Sunny and fun. There were horses and music and giant piles of hay that Warren could have played alllllllll day in. The only picture of her not looking down in love with the hay. (Who knew it was so awesome?)

Oh look - more hay/grass


Our family pumpkins - Cami, Warren, Mama, And Daddy
(I know they're a little lopsided, but our family pumpkins have character and yours are boring)

Day 2 - Yesterday. Cold, not sunny, very fun

This patch had lots of cool old tractors and steam engines.

20th time's a charm...

She was a good sport in the chilly weather

Backwards order - finishing the corn maze!

We let Warren choose which way to go for the first little while. Maybe not the greatest strategy. I'm not saying we would have done that much better of a job, but it took us way too long to find our way out of there.

He held one of our hands the whole time, and it gave me warm fuzzies. I love my little man.

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