13 November 2009

What a Deal!

Old Navy had their costumes on sale for $2 on October 30th. So I bought 7! The baby tiger was for any future child I might have, but I had to get Cami and W wearing them together for some pictures. She LOVES costumes, can you tell?


Jocelyn & Todd said...

I love this! Baby Cami, you are so adorable! We're getting really excited for Thanksgiving.

Jaimie said...

Where was my text informing me about that awesome sell?!? Wow, what a good deal and super cute costumes!

Street Fam said...

I tried to get a costume or two for $2...too bad I live in Utah where there are 5 million moms with the same idea. :( Love the picture at the top of your blog...nice Tay Tay!