13 November 2009

California Real Quick

Taylor's best friend from BYU, Doug, married the awesome Tamara. She is my BFF by default (good thing I love her). They adopted the cute baby Benjamin and are in line to adopt the future William sometime this month. As if two new babies wasn't reason enough to fly down for a visit, one of my best friends from BYU, Bonnie, is in their ward and threw Tamara her baby shower. The stars are definitely aligned, because having these 2 in the same place made for the best weekend! Cami and I enjoyed each other's company boy-free and Taylor and Warren had fun at home. It was a quick trip, so I think we need to go back in the Spring so we can take in some sights and see all the family we have down there. Thanks, girls, for a great time!

Cutest shower - Go Bonnie

C & Uncle Doug

Baby Benny - so cute, so little


Bonnie's favorite picture. She fell asleep face-first. So sad.


nathan n rachel said...

That picture of C at the end is hilarious!

Jen said...

1. you look great.
2. the picture of C in the stroller is sad and terribly cute at the same time.

John, Kara, and Myla said...

I think that's my favorite picture too - although the necklace appetizer shot is pretty cute!

HeidiAnn said...

I love the sleeping one and I also love the look on Warren's face in the fam pic at the top of your blog. I don't know why, but it struck me as funny and I laughed out loud. :)

Tamara said...

Steph.....I am SO glad that you came, it was such a great time!! I am also glad that we are BFF (by choice!!)