07 December 2009

Cami Cakes

Man, she is so much fun. She crawls all over us and the house, but luckily has always been caught before trouble strikes. She spits at you instead of trying to talk. She keeps her bows in her hair. She laughs at her brother while he man-handles her. She's a mama's girl and has started cuddling me in 3 second intervals (I'll TAKE it!). She stands up in her crib. She fights sleep for a good minute and then gives it up after I put her down. She likes to fall back asleep laying across my stomach (like a belt) when she wakes up in the middle of the night and is in our bed. She smiles at everyone. She likes other babies. She likes food - all of it - as much as she can get. She can pick up puffs and put them in her own mouth. She likes music. She likes phones. She likes toys. She likes to be upside-down. She does not like loud noises or yelling. She hates having her face wiped and cries and cries if you try to get a boogie. She's the bomb.She's into this Popeye look lately.

Sweet and warm at Zoolights

Daddy loves to cuddle you to sleep. You let him sometimes.

My favorite. I don't even know what this face could mean. It's just funny.


Jocelyn & Todd said...

It's a pirate face! Arrrgh! Love that girl!

GordonandChrissy said...

That picture of Taylor and Cami napping is so sweet. I love when they zonk out on you like that. We are so excited to see your little munchkins soon!