29 November 2009

Good Day to be a Cougar/The Making of a Picture

After much effort, this is the best picture we got in our BYU gear yesterday:

And now, the outtakes:
(In that annoying parental photography voice:) Warren, look at me! Cami, get your fingers out of your mouth!

Warren, it's ok. I'll help you, Camille...

Good job, Warren. No, Cami - fingers out!

Good job Cami. Warren, look at the camera!

No fingers! Look at the dang camera!

Put baby cougar back in the middle! Look at the camera, W! Cami! NO FINGERS!

I'm the mom, your sister doesn't like your helping with her fingers, I'll do it.

Cami's falling - Warren! Look!

At me! Look at ME!

Ah...as good as it's gonna get, I suppose. Photoshoot over.

Oh, and suck it Utah.


Krista Griffiths said...

Great post!!! Brynlee has the same shirt...in fact, she is wearing it right now. lol. :) Go Cougars!

katieo said...

At me! Look at ME!

p.s. love the new family blog picture at the top. My favorite part is Warren's expression.