06 January 2010

Movie Slump

Quick! Tell me 5 good movies to rent on netflix! We've run out of ones we're really excited about. Throw in one or two you don't think I've heard of. Thanks, friends.


Scott Family Blog said...

can't think of 5 right now, but I just saw District 9 and really liked it

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Worlds Fastest Indian
Power of One
Scarlet Pimpernel
Best Game Ever Played
Lonesome Dove :)

I have some of those if you don't want to rent via netflix!

Jen said...

August Rush
Fools Rush In
The Notebook
Shawshank Redemption
Sweet Home Alabama
The Soloist
My Sisters Keeper
The Ugly Truth

Mandy Coffey said...

King of California (has 1 "f" word though, do you handle those?)

Jamie Ortega said...

500 days of summer
17 again
The Soloist

I havent seen any of these so I dont know if they are good, but they are on my list to see.

katieo said...

Kung Fu Panda (PLEASE for the love of all things holy tell me you've already seen it)

King of Kong

New York Doll (haven't actually seen it but it was recommended by a trusted source)


About a Boy

Foyle's War (It's probably better to just check those out by season from the library or something. Netflix will only send you one at a time. They are REALLY awesome.)

you know I'll be back.

John, Kara, and Myla said...

I second August Rush!
Ms. Pettigrew lives for a day
The Illusionist
Bolt (so cute!)
Marley and Me

Chelsea said...

Seen Forever Strong? I love it. And all the pride and prejudices..

Chelsea said...

And Meet the Robinsons. Warren would like it too!

tracie said...

Five?! Really?! Well here's a few...
State of Play
The Saint
The Proposal
The Blindside (oh wait, that's still in theaters. Totally recommend it thought. We'll even watch your kids if you want to come down here.)

Melissa Lasley said...

500 Days of Summer (I haven't seen it yet though)
Julie and Julia (ditto)
Shakespeare Retold (BBC - my MIL loves it)
The Parent Trap (old one)

Keyton and Lola said...

I'll be your evil friend and leave you movies of questionable ratings:

NY Doll
Micheal Clayton
Darjeeling Unlimited
Royal Tanunbaums (sp)
King Corn (was okay)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Sunshine Cleaning (was okay)
Little Miss Sunshine (was okay)