05 January 2010

Not Much Goin On...

My mom was tired of seeing my homeless-looking daughter, so here you go.

Cami LOVES the Christmas Tree. So much, that I haven't wanted to take it down. It's starting to dry out, though, so I'd better. It's served us well.

Our neighbors went to Orlando last week and brought these back for the kids. Aren't they the nicest?? We love living next to them. Thanks, Yon and Melissa!

Cami has always had crazy hair. Now that it's longer it's getting ridiculous. But it's fun to play with, too.

Oh, how I love her bum!

Visiting Taylor at work. We brought lunch and ate in his office. He and W played games on Nickjr.com.

Our lives are so exciting, I can barely stand it! ;)


GordonandChrissy said...

I thought it looked very exciting. Taking lunch to dad at work? Such a cute idea. I love W's face in the last picture while playing games. :)

Jen said...

you're amazing ... I love ya! And you are not boring!

Melissa Lasley said...

Taylor looks so official at work. I can't believe people let our husbands be lawyers.

Mary Ann said...

Your kids are really really cute.

HeidiAnn said...

Love naked fat babies.