09 February 2010


Have you guys heard of restaurant.com? So they sell gift certificates to restaurants at a big discount. The norm is a $25 certificate for $10. And there's usually a minimum purchase - $35-$50 in order to use it. All in all, a good deal. But even better, they have sales all the time, and right now it's 80% off. So $2 for a $25 certificate. I don't recognize all of the places on there, but there's over 100 within a 15 mile radius of us. We really like Wash Park Grille, BD's Mongolian BBQ, El Senor Sol, Altitude, and others. And it's been fun to try new places knowing we'll only drop $12 ($2 on the cert and $10 there) on a $35 meal.We've loved it. You all know how cheap we are. So now we can eat at nicer places than usual. (And my mom in Seattle and brother in SLC have found cool places by them, so check it)
Anyways, the 80% off code is "HEART" if you're interested. This one ends on the 14th. But they'll go on sale again. They always do. Happy eating.


GO Gray's said...

holy crap I just got some. What a deal, thanks Steph!!!!

Lindsay said...

Sooo good to chat with you today. Your kids are delicious! I love the open mouth look. Thanks for the heads up. You introduced us to Groupon too, and our lives have never been the same.