07 February 2010

Yelling is the New Smiling

Just some cute pictures of my kids being silly. I tried all week to come up with something clever or witty to say...and I got nothing. We're all doing ok over here and had a regular good week. Right now Cami's sitting in my lap while I type (no easy task, I'll have you know), and Warren is checking my heart, giving me a shot, looking in my ears - all with his doctor kit. I wonder if it makes Taylor sad that there are no little kids out there playing "lawyer". Oh well, probably for the best. On to pictures!

Cami is a wiggly maniac. Especially when she gets on a soft cushy surface like a bed or the couch. She flails all over doing Shamu-like body dives out of our arms and laughs like crazy each time she almost dies.

She's sneaky. I told you she loves the bathroom. The other day I turned around and could not find her. I could hear her somewhere, but was nowhere to be found. I finally opened the shower curtain to find this little monster. She prefers opening her mouth as wide as possible and grunting these days rather than smiling and making sweet girly sounds.

Again - no smile. (On her way to the bath, hence grossies around her mouth)

W wants in on the silly face action

Note the attempt to control her hair. She rips out her clippies non stop, so I tried the Deb look.

Look! No hands!

Passing the time with youtube videos. Our favs are here and here and here. We find some pretty funny things. You should hear him sing the Peanut Butter Jelly song. I'll try to get that documented one day.

And in closing...undies on the head. Classic.

Here's hoping your week was as good as ours. But perhaps a little more eventful.


Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Yep, totally laughin out loud over here...love your kids, love you, wanna hang out tomorrow! call me eh>?!

nathan n rachel said...

Seriously Stephanie...you're kids are so stincking cute!

GordonandChrissy said...

Cutie pie kids. Enough said. :)

Give them some loves for us!

David said...

So we've been out of it for awhile...again...but it's so fun to see your cute kids! They really are so cute and getting so big!!-Katie Muir