27 March 2010


It might look like Spring in our house...

but it's totally cold outside.

Cami avoided the snow and opted, instead, for a bath.

The snow was perfect for snowman making.

And um..."snowman" making. (That sucker is his hat)

But heavy enough to break a huge tree branch.

It felt like Christmas watching it fall from our front porch at night. It was some of the prettiest snow I've seen.

And now it's all gone (we have a lump where a snowman once stood). And next week they're predicting highs in the 70s. I love Spring time in Colorado.


Bonnie said...

HAHA I made those peep bunnies too!!

nathan n rachel said...

I hate the cold. Especially yucky cold Iowa.

katieo said...

Your peeps could totally kick my peeps butt.