06 April 2010


Warren had a great Easter weekend. Oh, except that he ate WAY too much candy and threw up on Saturday night. As much work as it is to care for a sick little one, I sort of love it. So needy and they soak up all the love you can throw their way. He was a good sport. And then woke up the next morning - happy as a clam and asking for more candy. Really??pudding 'stache

The next day I wasn't feeling well. He came up to me (a few times), "scratched" my back and sang me primary songs. Then he'd ask me "Did I make you feel a little bit better mom? Should I scratch you again?" So sweet! I praised him all day long for being so good to me. He was just really kind and good. Just what you'd hope and pray for on a sick day.

Then today he just wore me down. The final straw was unrolling the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper into the toilet and then trying to flush it. Taylor tells me it's not that big of a deal. I tell Taylor that it was the ENTIRE NEW ROLL OF TOILET PAPER. Do you know how much that is??? I told Warren I needed a break from him, which he translated to mean that I wanted him to follow me into every other room like a shadow. Then when I glared at him he smiled and said "hi!". I said "Honey, I love you, but sometimes you drive me crazy." To which he replied, "Sometimes you drive me crazy, too, mom".



Laura said...

I LOL'd at that last paragraph. You're my funniest friend BY FAR.

Jamie Ortega said...

I love reading your posts Steph. In a few paragraphs you summed up what life is like with kids. Some moments they melt your heart and some times they drive you crazy.

Street Fam said...

We had two toilet paper incidences last week. #1 Rolled the entire roll of toilet paper all over the wood floor. #2 Threw an entire roll right into the toilet...rolled up and all. I found it when I went to clean the bathrooms. Lovely!!!
Today it was crayon all over my rug and his walls. Then he comes and shows me what he did, like maybe I would think it's awesome. Must be the Iowan in them. :)

Morgan Lasley said...

Go Hawks!

Lately Eli has been telling Liss that he wants a new family.