14 June 2010

It's Begun . . .

I always wondered when W would start saying embarrassing things in public. The wait is over.

So we're at the furniture store looking for a couch tonight. Also shopping is a woman who is quite large, along with her husband. We pass them a few times going back and forth, testing different couches. The last time we pass them, W sees them enter our part of the showroom, turns to us and says: "Whoa mom! Look at that big, fat lady!"


We scrambled out of there pretty quickly, and Steph gave W a stern little talk on how we don't say things that can hurt people's feelings. I know he didn't mean to offend anyone; in his mind, he was just making an observation that needed to be shared with the rest of the world.

I have a feeling, though, that this is just the tip of the iceberg.


On a lighter note, W has been test driving his contractions lately, and he thinks it's really funny to switch them up sometimes. I'll come home from work and say something like: "W, you're so crazy." Reply: "No I amn't (a-mint)." Then he just laughs. It's too bad we can't all make up our own words like that.


Mary Ann said...

We were in an elevator with a larger woman and Sam said something to that affect. I tried to shush Sam, but he just kept saying "But mom- she IS!"... "But mom! Look- she is!" VERY embarrassing.

George Huang said...

I never thought it would be somewhat advantageous that I am overweight. We still haven't run into this particular embarrassment.