14 June 2010

Snakes And Shoes

I found these boys running around in the front yard (uhh...without permission..get back in here!) wearing Taylor's sneakers. It was kinda cute. Then I hear them screaming with delight and I asked Laura (Carson's mama) what they were screaming about - "Oh just a snake". I thought they were looking at him, but oh no. Picking him up and swinging him around and throwing him! 1st off - EEEEK! 2ndly, the poor snake hasn't been seen since. He's terrified of our house now. Which is cool with me, but I did feel badly for the little creature. He just went limp and played dead. Before the snake. A little...umm...gay. But still sweet.

The snake a few days prior

Being man handled and thrown in the street. Look how happy these two are. Such boys.


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todd & jocelyn said...

That's the best! I guess you really don't have to worry about the gay thing if they're throwing snakes around together. You're hilarious, Warren!