14 June 2010

Two favorite $ savers

I don't think we've spent full price on dinner in over a year. I have two favorite places to get good deals on places to eat out. Check it:

- I've mentioned this one before on the blog, but it just kills me how good of a deal it is. They sell $25 gift certificates for $10. But wait, they send me emails all. the. time. with 70% and 80% off deals. So you pay $2 or $3 for a $25 gift certificate. Sweet, right?? You usually have to spend $35 when you go in order to use it. But $2 upfront + $10 when you use it= $12 for $35 worth of food = awesome. And $35 is a lot at some places. So we have to get dessert or an appetizer, too. Dang. (The 70% off code through June 20th is "FATHER").

Groupon - This link has been on my side bar for a while, but I just love Groupons. Every day they send you an email with a crazy good deal on somewhere to eat, or something to do in your city. We've tried a lot of cool new places and done some cool things that we would have never known about. And we did it all for way cheap. It's the BOMB. And if you sign up and buy something one day, then I get a $10 credit. So do it and tell all your friends, so you get $10 a pop, too. The only thing better than cheap is FREE. :)

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Scott Family Blog said...

I discovered Restaurant.com from you and the restaurant/sushi bar that is walking distance from our place is one of the places on there. We get great food for only $12 all the time! Loooove it! Thanks for the hint