22 September 2010

Preschool Again!

How I've waited for this day allllll summer long. Warren loves school. I love his teacher. He's having a blast with his classmates (all but 3 are the same from last year, so he's already totally comfortable). What could be better?

Maybe Mrs. Gall can teach him to look at a camera...

RUNNING to class!

2nd annual chocolate chip pancakes on the first day of school

Cami and are are making the 20 minute drive to Englewood to drop Warren off, then heading across town to the Denver Jazzercise class while he's at school. I'm LOVING it. So fun - kicking my butt a little bit. Makes me feel like I deserve more cookies, though. I bought some beloved slim fast from Costco today. Say goodbye to Stephy's mom pooch. I've been hanging out with my chub for far too long.


Melissa Lasley said...

Very fun! Morgan and I have found that Russell Stover's sugar free candies/chocolates are really good!

Katie said...

Yay for preschool! You looked great when I saw you several months ago, you must go to the gym just for maintenance. I remember being jealous of how good you looked. :)

Amy said...

Yay for preschool and HOORAY FOR JAZZERCISE!!!!! I didn't know you had started doing it. You're going to LOVE it! It's super addicting!

Dave and Stephanie said...

chub? whatever. if you are chubby then sign me up. you make it look good!

GordonandChrissy said...

We've all been wondering how long it would take you to finally get rid of that chub. It's kind of an embarrassment to the family.


Hopefully you know that was delivered with EXTREME sarcasm. You look fab.