06 October 2010

Camille's First Time Out

She was really good about sitting in time out with her feet on the wall. (She may or may not have seen Warren in this position dozens of times...) But we had to lay down the law when she ate a marker.

(she looks homeless with her post-nap hair and her belly showing. it's how we roll in the afternoons)

This is the second marker she's consumed. The first one we didn't get to as soon as this one and she not only ate the entire top off, but sucked it until it was totally white.

She, unlike her upchucking-guru brother, has no gag-reflex. In fact, she hasn't ever thrown up. My kids are opposite in so many ways.


GO Gray's said...

Cami, you naughty little girl. HOw cute is she sitting there, I love it!

Bonnie said...

What? Poor Cami is in time out?! i love her sad face, but cami never does anything wrong! cutie pie! give her a kiss for me!

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Oh that Cami is so fetchin cute! Sorry for fetchin....it just was the most appropriate adjective for the job. I. Love. Your. Kids. That is all. cami and Payton are kindred spirits...don't worry. She'll live. Payton has eaten much worse-as you know. Chock a dog biscuit and a few more pieces of dog food up to the list!

nathan n rachel said...


tracie said...

I have to admit when I first read the heading I thought to myself "surely she must get out sometime" I'm smart. Real smart. She does look pretty darn cute with her marker stained lips. Maybe she was just trying to be like mama and put lipstick on.