06 October 2010


This is "the look". She turns her head to the side and gives you a serious stare out of the corner of her eye. We laugh every time. Warren will have her do it 100 times in a row.

She's the best pucker-er and kisser. This picture doesn't do it justice. If she kisses one of us, she runs around to the others to make sure they get a kiss, too. Can't leave anyone out, ya know.

She's so happy almost all of the time. She loooves to have her picture taken and will always say cheese.

She's a people-pleaser who will bawl her eyes out if we speak to her with any trace of parental authority. Like when we loudly tell her "no" to touching stove knobs, she has a cow. It's sweet how sensitive she is about being reprimanded. She bends over and tilts her head and talks in a high pitched/baby talk voice to say "hi! hi hi hi hi, mama!" if you're sitting on the ground at her eye level. She full-on sprints into your arms when you ask for a hug. She blows kisses to all the old people at the grocery store. When she wakes up, the first words out of her mouth (almost always) are "mama, dada, wawa. mama, dada, wawa." As if she missed us while he was sleeping. She loves her brother, loves to push his buttons, and loves to try to get him in trouble by screaming as loud as possible over minor injustices. She loves to read books, especially photo books including pictures of her "boppas" (grandpas). Her personality is over the top and it's cute and hilarious. We think she's pretty great.

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