19 October 2010

Long Lost Photos - California

Here are some long lost photos that I never blogged. I've been feeling uber lazy lately with blogging. So let's catch up.

Seaworld - Warren's highlight of the trip. I remember it being much cooler. Don't think I would spend the money to go back, except it's all Warren talked about for weeks. Touching/feeding sting rays and seeing orcas had him over the moon.

The Halls joined us and it made the day much more fun!

We visited Taylor's Grandma Jane.

And my Aunt Linda and cousins Jen (with daughter Lindsay) and Kevin. Look at all those redheads! Kevin had a full head of it at one point. :)

Charlie Browns! I remember going here as a kid and it was even more magical than I remembered. It's the craziest produce stand/gift shop/restaurant ever conceived.
Yep - turtle meat, "sirloin" alligator meat, duck and bacon sausage, frog legs. You know, the staples.

Or you could always buy a dinosaur to go on your front lawn, too.

Our old house. Looks a lot nicer than most in Palmdale these days. It's funny and cool to see the house you grew up in and look through all the pictures of us kids in this front yard. $10 says our hand prints are still on the back patio.

Cami's hair was so short! And my bangs looked so dumb! ;)

The hotel in Vegas on the way there. Guess who liked it?

And I must apologize, because we stayed with Taylor's brother and his lovely wife and my cutey nephew and somehow have ZERO pictures for documentation. What is wrong with me? I stole this one from their blog. But I vow to never let this happen again! I guess we were having too much fun.
ps - we got to see every single sibling and parent in this Utah/California trip. And some cousins (we saw 2 of Taylor's Aunts and a few cousins as well - but of course, crappy photographer Stephy didn't bother to document that) It was really great. I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas when we'll get to see mostly everyone again!


tracie said...

I remember passing by the Charlie Browns as a kid going to the Pear Blossom Farm. Had no idea that's what they sold. Glad I'm not missing too much. :)

Bethany said...

Ha! I totally passed by that Charlie Browns on my way to see my Grandma in Lancaster this very same month! We always drive by my old house but I hate seeing it... it is completely GHETTO-fied.