06 October 2010


He's silly.

Crazy, really.

And he won't give you a good smile unless you bribe him with something amazing.

He's a budding photographer. (Do he and Tay look alike or what??)

Creative genius.

He loves getting mail (hint, hint, world!) and stickers. Combine the two, and his world is rocked for the better. *thanks Grandma W*

Here's one of W's latest stories: verbatim, of course.

Some aliens live in outer space and some live on the planet Zorbador. They're nice aliens - some are mean - but the nice ones attack the mean aliens. They attack each other and the good ones win. Some aliens have 2 and some have 3 and some have 4 eyes. They eat their alien food and put on their jammies at night and they put back on their clothes in the summer. They fly in their space ships and come to earth and to our house and they'll say to us, "Hi! nice to meet you! We're aliens." But we'll say, "Hey! Get out of our house!". And we'll chase them and they'll fly back to planet Zorbador.


tracie said...

I have no idea where his silliness comes from????

Heidi Miller said...

I also can't imagine where he gets his silliness from. :) Um, Camille is so cute. The things you say about her remind me sooo much of Rebekah. She does that same evil glance out of the corner of her eye look. Girls are nuts!

Stephanie Green said...

Holy Cow! Your kids are all grown up! I haven't been on your site in awhile...they are sooo cute!