19 March 2011

Holy St Patricks Day!

We had a blast celebrating St Patricks Day this year. We started with the parade downtown on Saturday. Wish we would have picked a place in the sun,w e got a little chilly sitting in the shade. But the parade didn't disappoint. We didn't even stay for the whole thing since it's so long, but we got lots of beads and candy and attention (maybe because there weren't as many of us in the shade??) from bagpipers, storm troopers, stilt walkers, cool cars, princesses, and crazy clowns. After that we went to the zoo and finished off the evening at Cheesecake Factory with our buddies Yon, Melissa, and kids. 
We were assigned the snack on the day they celebrated in Warren's class. So I made rainbow cookies, a rainbow fruit tray, and green popcorn (butter & honey dyed green - with salt). Then on St Patty's, we ate shamrock pancakes and met Taylor for lunch. We saw a lot of basketball players walking around downtown, but no Cougars. Bummer. But we got ice cream and cookies, so that was nice.

 Photo taken by Warren and is completely out of order.

 waiting around and saving spots

 should I submit this to awkward family photo?

 (BJ Howie & Erica are radio DJs that hook you up with beads if you make a sign.) So I made 8 of them for all the kiddos in our little group. Used my laminator - thanks mom. They worked like a charm - our kids got lots of beads and made out with candy like it was Halloween.

 Our friend, Dave, got to be a storm trooper. The snow kind. Or something like that. My boys could tell you. Warren got into an argument at preschool today over whether or not Darth Vader (pictured below) saved Luke or not. He was right, DV does sacrifice himself for Luke, but that's no reason to be jerky about it to your friends, kid. This obsession of his colors way too many areas of his/my life.

 Exhausted after our family fun day!

 Gay Pride Rainbow cookies!
 Leftover dough makes tie-dye butterflies
 Shamrock pancakes!
 Cami is definitely a charmer

 People like to comment on my babies' red hair. Especially on St Patricks Day. My cute little leprechauns.
I didn't know anything about St Patrick. So I went on wikipedia and did some extensive research. Basically, St Patrick is a parton saint of Ireland who is credited with bringing Christianity to the people. He taught the doctrine of the trinity using the shamrock. That's why he's so cool and thats why we're all about the shamrocks on St P's big day. Also, people get to take a break from Lent on the holiday. Lucky ducks can have a feast and drink like mad. Hmm...that's why people are so outwardly nice to my red-haired children. They're slightly to moderately inebriated. I'll take the compliments anyway.
So now you know...


Bethany said...

Those are awesome cookies!

Hi ! Jennifer Kiddle said...

Such a fun day Steph. I hope there's fun parades or somethin' to do in Utah next year. I love St. P Day.
I love your Gay Pride Cookies too!

Dave and Stephanie said...

i stole the picture of us off your blog and i am posting it on my blog. i know your husband's an attorney and you could sue me now. i'll just tell you up front though, it won't be worth your time. we're not worth much! thanks again for saving seats and letting me use your sign to get beads!

Paul & Ashley Justensen Family said...

What a fun day and cute cute kids. How did you get your pancakes so green??? Mine turned out to be a brownish greenish yuck color. Not very appetizing!