10 March 2011

To Grandpa Warczak - Love, Cami

My dad told me he watched Cami's last video 30 times cause he thought it was so funny. Well, here you go, Gramps! Just for you!
Cami can climb onto the counter now that she figured out how to move chairs and use drawers to her advantage. It looks like a squirrel moved in. :)

ps - I SWEAR she has other shirts/sweaters. This one just begs to be photographed, I guess.


Katie Muir said...

SHE IS THE CUTEST LITTLE THING ALIVE!!!! Do you think we can arrange marriages for both of our children?

Heidi Miller said...

She seriously has the MOST infectious smile. I can't stop staring at her chubby chubby cheeks and darling face. Love her and never even met her.