26 April 2011

Cami's 2!

Friday the 8th was Cami's 2nd birthday. We put on our best birthday outfit (totally from last year, but I made the skirt too big, so it still works) and hit the town, going to the grocery store and Warren's preschool and jazzercise. She felt cool in her birthday skirt. And people told me all day how cute she was. It was a good day
 Off to take W to preschool. Her hair was darling in the little sponge curlers.
 Dinner at Red Robin. She's running around and yelling to be funny. Looks moderately homeless.

 Morning birthday presents!!
 Day 2 of festivities - a "party" that Warren insisted we have. When we told him that we were just going to have a party with us and grandma and grandpa Dix, he had a little cow. He more or less demanded that Cami have a friend party so that they could all sing happy birthday to her. Cake was made, ice cream brought and friends invited. Easiest "party" ever.

 Brooklyn came - Cami's one true friend. They stayed at the table LOOONG after the other kids had left to play.

 Day 3 - church and Grandma and Grandpa come over.

After nap presents. Leftover cake and ice cream. A birthday weekend that was a blast!

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