06 April 2011

To Utah To Utah

Grandma came during her spring break. We hung out with her for a couple days and then she drove with us to Utah to see everyone else. Taylor flew in on Thursday night and we stayed until Sunday morning. I spilled water on my camera and it died for a while. So consider yourself lucky - you only have 32 pictures to look at instead of 60! :)

Early birthday presents!

 Cousin JM - 2 weeks apart!

 Look at that hair! Send this girl back to the 80's! This is a morning bath after she slept on her hair. All natural and craaaazy!

 Cami had a love/scared relationship with Loo.

 Some cousin love with Chloe and Caite

 Elder Warczak and Warren are using the force to fight each other
 We love our Uncle Elder!

 At the conference center on Saturday
 The whole Warczak crew

 Right after this was taken Cami yelled (and continued to yell) really loudly. Made a big scene and made JM cry. She thought it was funny.

 With grandpa Walker, Wray, and Joe going to the Priesthood session

 70 degrees to snow the next day?! Boo.

 Cami hates road trips as much as her mama.
Home again, home again, jiggity jig. 



Fun pictures! Miss you guys! We'll try and find some time to come to Denver this summer! More cousin adventures!

Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun said...

What a fun trip. We are driving out to UT this summer to play too. Only our drive will take at least 3 days (with a day to play in Iowa City on the way).
It looks like you guys had a really fun time. And seriously - could your kids get any cuter? You need a dozen of them!