28 May 2011


 self-timer photo after graduation. We all got tons of unanticipated sun.
 Cami in the park before it begins.

 She sorta likes to swing.
 Here comes W and his classmates.

 Moving the chairs back and forth before, during, and after the "ceremony"
 W getting a little love from Sunna - the cutest girl in the land.

 Mrs. Gall was so sweet and said nice things about all of the parents and had their kids hand them a rose. Carson and Warren were lumped together since the Cronins and Dixes have officially morphed into one family.
 Oh, Warren. Look normal, would ya??

 Me, Laura, and Amy. The mormon mamas 
(ps - Laura had a baby like 4 seconds ago and is already way skinnier than I am. Curse her. No, curse oreos. No, not oreos, I love oreos. We'll go back to cursing Laura.)
 The very best preschool teachers that ever graced the earth. For real. I'm SO sad to be leaving them.
What do we do now that preschool's over? Dress up like a clone trooper and welcome summer.

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Heidi Miller said...

I think I laugh out loud on every post you do. Your kids are so cute and I am feelin the same about preschool being over. Great Teacher. Great friends....and now I am the entertainer. Not cool.