02 June 2011


Step 1: Tear out random brick wall. Use lots of muscles. 

 Step 2: Rock relocation program. For 3 days move the rocks into another corner of our yard.
Step 3. Look cute while trying to "help"
 Step 5. Bring in a crazy amount of dirt to fill in the slope. Make sure it's level. (See our fancy method??)
Step 6. Cut some boards and linseed oil them and fit them together and hammer and screw everything in.

Step 7. Buy all sorts of yummy soil and compost to go in the boxes.
Step 8. Plant
Step 9. Mulch and stepping stones.

 (Blueberries and raspberries. Or at least their bushes. We'll see how long it takes for us to get fruit on these guys.)

When I type it out fast like this, it doesn't seem like that much work. Let me assure you that it was...
Now we wait. There's already lots more little green guys coming out of the dirt since i took these pictures a few days ago. It's been fun so far, here's hoping I don't kill anything. And now we have one small area in the backyard that doesn't make me want to throw up when I look at it. We have SOOOO much work to do, it's crazy. But we'll be here for years and years, so I guess we've got time. Taylor and I always remind ourselves of his grandparents phenomenal backyard and the dirt pit it was before they began. We'll get it there, too.


Jen said...

Your garden looks AWESOME! Yea, G/G's backyard is inspirational for everyone. I remember when it was dirt with weeds as tall as me (course I was 8). They turned it into the Garden of Eden.


I think the time has come for me to drive to Denver to see this beautiful yard/garden. It looks fantastic!

GordonandChrissy said...

Hey, we're gardening buddies. We just posted about our gardening adventures too. Fun stuff. Wish we lived closer so we could do veggie swaps!

Melissa Lasley said...

Your gardens look great!

Anna said...

Congrats on the garden! It looks awesome. I'll give you some carrots if you give me some raspberries?