06 June 2011

Family "hike"

 Today was nice out, so after Cami's "nap" - not sure she ever fell asleep - we went up for a little hike. It was still pretty warm, but it had cooled off in the afternoon enough for us to enjoy ourselves. Until Warren took a fall and scaped up his elbows. You can see his sadness in the stroller picture. Good thing we brought it cause he was having a cow there for a few minutes. He got better.

Funny faces on the way home. Cami looks totally sweaty. And you can see one of W's scrapes. 
Good day.



Just so you know, JM still refers to you as Fifi. Taylor will be known as Uncle Taytay from here on out. Warren is Wuuun and Cami is still Pammy.

GordonandChrissy said...

Cute pictures, looks like a gorgeous hike! And we were just talking with G&G Dix last night and Bob was telling us how he babysat a few weeks ago for you guys and he put Cami in her big girl bed for the first time without knowing it! Ha! We were cracking up as he told about her spunky little personality as she shut her light off, turned off the noise machine and took off down the hall. Hilarious. She and Spencer would be big trouble together. :)

Mary Ann said...

So fun!
Cami is such a pretty girl. :)