05 June 2011

My garden

Don't even pretend like you don't want to see my plants. Taylor pretends every day that he doesn't care when I request he come outside and see that another bean sprouted. But I know inside he's just as giddy as I am.

 back - carrots
middle - romaine and leaf lettuce
front - tomatoes & peppers (and a couple marigolds that are supposedly good for the other guys. I just do what I'm told)
 see? a baby orange pepper is growing!!!

 carrots are finally getting the "real" leafy tops
 tomato blossom
 back - snap peas (need to get some chicken wire going around there this week!)
middle - onions
middle - cucumbers (inside the wall o water, too)
front - strawberries - we've even harvested a few already this year. Kids love checking every day to see if a new one is "ready" yet.

 the wall o waters totally work. These guys are way bigger than the others. But I planted too many and need to thin them out soon.
 snap pea!
 baby green bean!
 older baby green bean!
 pumpkins inside these walls
back - pumpkins and honeydew
middle - zucchini
front - green beans


Todd said...

Awesome! Now, I definitely need to come to Denver. If not to see you guys then to see your amazingly amazing garden.

tracie said...

I'm totally with you on being excited about things growing in the garden. I'm Taylor's just as excited. He's just hiding it.

GordonandChrissy said...

Okay ... when did you guys plant? You already have things GROWING?! What the heck. Ours are barely budding. I thought we lived in the paradise for gardens out here.

merathon said...

can you teach me???? i am botanically-challenged...