05 June 2011

I Like Peanuts

 Warren and Malachi. They dress up and play games with each other all day long. The fence between our yards had to be replaced and we got comfortable having the boys being able to play with each other in either yard anytime they felt like it. So we still have a few boards left out. We're thinking of adding a gate or something. It's been super nice. 

On to the peanuts!

I was so careful to not let her diaper show in the pictures, but you can totally see my pants-less babe in the video. We're a little white trashy in the backyard. We make sure and cover up in the front yard, though.So it's totally cool.

Reminds me of hanging out in my grandpa's work shed eating peanuts on his swivel barstool. Both my kids think eating peanuts is a huge treat. And Cami can even open them on her own. "I do it MYSEEELLLFFF!"

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Jessica Sorensen said...

If going pantless in your own backyard is white trashy then we are too. I have even caught Addi in the front yard in only her panties.