28 June 2011


And the pool has been busted out of hiding! We've been taking trips to the outside pool at our gym, but I'm much to preoccupied with keeping my children from drowning, that I haven't taken any pictures yet. Priorities, people.

 While the kids play, "Mr. Jesse" (as my kids would say) refinishes our deck. Now there are 2 non-ugly things in our backyard. Only 100 more to go. Perhaps I should take a picture now that all that red paint is off, eh?
And I got to sit and read a book. "The Help" was really good and I can't wait for the movie. Although it made me feel funny reading about the women who just sit around while their maids did everything for them. Because I was sitting and reading while our handyman was working right behind me. He probably thinks I do nothing all day.


merathon said...

so are you going to invite us over for a BBQ once your deck is done?? i wanna see!

Scott Family Blog said...

We are reading that book for our book club! Hopefully I can finish it before this baby shows up!