10 July 2011

4th of July and other things

 Being Jedis
 Refusing to leave Dad's side while he "base-coaches"

 4th of July Ward Picnic
 Bowling with the Smiths

 Watching fireworks

 What her hair looks like after being in buns
 Falling asleep on the floor while eating an apple. (We're giving up naps)
 Wearing her "Special Agent Boobies" (She loves Special Agent Oso and just about everything is a "special agent" something or another)


Rachel said...


GordonandChrissy said...

Special agent boobies. Gotta love that cute girl. :)

Happy 4th you guys, and hopefully Taylor got my text on his birthday. Gordon told me to tell you that it counts for him, too. I'm sure he'll get around to calling you sometime this week. Birthdays are not his forte, as you all know.