18 October 2011

501st post

I didn't realize my last post was #500. That's a lot. Here's a photo dump to celebrate.

 I've been putting Cami's hair in buns lately. This is what happens when I take them out at the end of the day:
 "My hair is CRAZY!" she says

We went to the zoo on a day off from school with some classmates of Warren's

 And ate ice cream.

Cami is an all-over-the-place kind of sleeper. Here's how we found her one night. Bum hanging off the bed must've been really comfortable, right?

We went to a farm/pumpkin patch

 He's so excited to have fed the horse some hay. I love his natural smile.

Bum-crack thing is genetic. All 4 Dixes have insufficient bum to hold up a pair of pants.

We went to a little friend's birthday party at a gymnastics gym.

They had fun.


nathan n rachel said...

I love the butt crack shot!

GordonandChrissy said...

Love the photo dump. Looks like it's been a fun few months!

And those curls after the pigtails are adorable!