06 November 2011


Trick or Treating this year was great. The weather was perfect - I just wore a little sweatshirt. And the kids had a blast. I had to keep Warren from running to the next house and make sure he included his sister on the porch before he rang. Cami acted genuinely surprised each time she got candy. She yelled "Happy Halloween!" instead of "Trick or Treat",  but it still resulted with candy in her bucket. They made out like bandits, and we'll have candy for the rest of our lives.

Cami was a monkey (because we had that costume already and she didn't know there was any other option), and Warren went as a jellyfish. It was a little tricky to find some jellyfish costumer instructions, but we made it work and he felt very cool going to school and trick or treating in his creative costume. That boy sure loves the jellies. :)

We had a great burger king birthday dinner for Warren before we left for the night and had fun saying hi to all our neighbors and seeing the other kids running around in their costumes. Is Halloween not the coolest holiday? Where we dress up and visit our neighbors and get candy just because?? I love it.



Super-cool jelly fish costume! And getting a million pounds of candy on your birthday is indeed a really cool way to spend it. Happy birthday, big boy! We love those kids!

GordonandChrissy said...

Happy Birthday, Warren! Spencer just made you something yesterday to send out with your Momma's docking station. Get ready!

It looks like it was a super fun birthday AND Halloween night.

Gordon's comment when he saw these pictures was "Lucky Taylor and Steph"(regarding your candy loot). Ha. I'm pretty sure he thought the kids were cute too. :)

And awesome job on the jelly fish costume. I would have NO idea how to start that. It looked awesome.

merathon said...

yeah, you did a great job on that jelly fish costume. very impressive! emery also said "happy halloween" every time someone opened the door and i thought it was just about the cutest thing ever!