04 June 2012

Rock and Rooooll!!

First, pictures of the angel baby:

Now a video of the...other one


Melissa Lasley said...

So Cute! I love how Cami says, "Show is over!"


Please! Put this on youtube so she can become a viral sensation!! "Show is ovaaaaa'!"

GordonandChrissy said...

First, Claire is totally adorable and I'm so glad she's an angel baby. At least at moments. :)

Next, why do we NOT live closer?!?! Cami and Spencer would be FAST friends. Dancing and singing together, running around like a crazy person ... that is our life. ha!

Last, I have a friend out here who has a 13 month old little girl that is a mini-me of Cami. I can't wait for her to grow up and see if she's as spunky as little Camille. :)

katieo said...

"Now a video of the...other one"

oh my gosh. That had me laughing. ser. funnier than the actual video.

but the video WAS awesome. Cami rules. She totally reminds me of Thomas. TOTALLY. good luck.

Sarah McK said...

She is HILARIOUS! Love that girl!