03 July 2012


I haven't taken many pictures lately, but we've been busy with lots of fun stuff. I'll try to remember to take my camera to all these places we're running around to. Warren took golf lessons (which he LOVED), is in a soccer camp, swim lessons and Tball. Cami has a dance and a gymnastics class and takes swim lessons, too.

Good news:
Warren is doing an awesome job at his summer reading. That kid is a genius. Tay's boy for sure.
Camille keeps us and anyone watching (at the park, grocery store, Warren's practices, church, etc) laughing and happy with her cute and funny performances. This girl needs to be on stage somewhere.
Claire is still an angel baby. Seriously, I could eat her up! She's so cute and so accommodating.
Our back yard is fixed! I say "fixed", because it was a pit of despair before. So many weeds and lots of mud, the sprinklers weren't getting anywhere and there was a huge void where we took out a tree. Now it is fresh and clean and ready for some bushes and things. That will probably happen next year, but for now we're loving the transformation.

Bad news:
Cami FLUSHED. MY. WEDDING RING. DOWN. THE. TOILET. So many emotions attached to the whole scenario. But for the record, I handled it well and the girl lives. Also for the record, any future ring which graces my finger will be given to Claire in the event of my death. Just sayin.  I'm just very sad to have lost my ring. In the meantime, I'll be shopping for a sweet cubic zirconium.
Cami painted fingernail polish all over my bathroom tile and herself. The floor is now perma-pink.
Cami broke one of the shelves on the refrigerator door when she tried to hang on it. It cost $60 to replace.
Cami ate a king sized recees pb cup before Tay and I got up on Sunday and then blamed Warren. That went over well with him.
When she was supposed to be sleeping, Cami unwrapped a bunch of panty-liners and stuck them all over the bathroom walls and counters and then all over herself.
Cami is still awake (it's 11PM) at the top of the stairs whisper-yelling "Mom!" and I am ignoring her.
(This is only 1 week's worth of Cami antics. She's going to kill me)

now pictures of Claire:

 Cami @ the top of the stairs right now. "You made me really sad and angry, mom!"


merathon said...

funny how all the bad news is about Cami! :) i'm still so sad about your ring too. i would be crying!

and your yard looks awesome!

Heidi Miller said...

After reading all the "lovely" things Cami did/destroyed in one week...that photo of her at the top of the stairs just seems to describe her perfectly. ha! She is quite the firecracker! Man Steph..I am so sorry she flushed your ring. I don't think my child would have lived through that. She's lucky. :)

Jen said...

Oh that is so sad! I would be sick if my ring got flushed down the toilet! Claire is really cute and growing lots.

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Oh my goodness....Her and Payton REALLY need to get together. Cami that is! Maybe with double trouble, they would cancel each other out? Maybe....

Bonnie said...

CAMI!!! she is hilarious!! love that girl!
Claire is an angel baby with an angel face! soooooo cute!

Sarah McK said...

Claire is such a doll! And Cami.....well, what can you say? Let's all hope she cools down a bit before HS or you are SCREWED, lady! Have you considered putting a lock on the outside of her bedroom door? Because I've gotta tell ya, I think that's the only way I could survive a child like that! :) Sounds mean, I know, but at least she wouldn't leave the house when Taylor goes on runs (Logan told me that story). She is too funny! (And exasperating!)

Bullard Family said...

I laughed out loud at the Cami stories. Loved it. Sorry about your ring. Your kids are adorable and growing up so fast!