16 July 2012


4th of July Parade

Swimming with the Cronin kids (our constant companions)

Finding creepy snakes in our yard

Post-church pictures (on my new porch swing!)

Warren's favorite food = RIBS!


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GordonandChrissy said...

Yay for swings in the summertime. We're trying to figure out some kind of swing/chairs for our front porch. Spencer LOVES to be out there but we have no fence so we need a spot to lounge. Love the white swing, though. Super cute.

And, eeks - (that was for you, steph) those are creepy snakes! You're brave to take a picture, I'd be afraid of it flying up and getting me.

I know snakes can't fly, they just CREEP me out!

PS Way to go little rib master. Those are pretty yummy, and a fun food to eat. Nothing messier. :)