03 July 2012

Before & After - backyard

" the pit" aka "where the giant tree used to be"

back left corner aka weed garden

 back right corner

 back left and middle (the new sod is where the flagstone used to be)

 back right - new grass where they leveled things

 gate pathway - this was all mostly dirt/mud before. bummed i didn't take a picture, it was kind of the worst.

They leveled the yard so it didn't slope up. Put in the retaining wall so we have a neat place to plant some bushes and things without the kids disturbing them, moved the flagstone to a normal place and put sod down where our ground was bare (and where a huge, dead tree had been), added an area for a SWING SET, moved our sprinklers to normal places and fixed some broken heads, and mulched everywhere along the borders where fields of weeds once resided. It's epic and we love it.

We still need to nurse or existing grass back to health, and add a bunch of plants, but the bulk of the work is done. Swing set comes on Tuesday!


Sarah McK said...

How exciting!!!

GordonandChrissy said...

So exciting!!! I'm sure your kids (AND YOU) can't wait for the swing set. That will be so fun for them. :)