26 December 2012

Fall photodump

 Rainy Soccer Game 
 I refinished my boring oak table. I'm loving the colors.

 Warren HATES having his picture taken

 Why is my bathroom so yellow? I think new lightbulbs are in order?
 "Take a picture of me with this scarecrow!"
 "And this zucchini" (we forgot about in the garden and it mutated into a baby)

Middle-of-the-night husband thief
 Claire's BFF, Jade. They truly love each other. 
Getting some hair 

 "no more kisses, mom!"
 Fell asleep reading. I LOVE this boy.
 Nature Center field trip

 Pumpking carving. Cami likes. Warren no likes.

 No caption needed, right?
Warren chose money over bday party this year. Added it to his already growing stash, and he had one of every bill. This is right before we went to toys r us to blow it all!
 Fell sleep in time out :)

 When the boys go back to school, it's party time for the girls!
 First week of school. 
 My twirly blurry girly. 

 Dog-sitting Louie

I could eat her up.

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