26 December 2012


We had the best time visiting my parents in Washington this September. We found some ridiculously cheap flights, pulled Warren out of school and got to it! The kids were ahhh.maz.ing on the flight. Both girls slept, and Warren sat across the isle and played his DS the whole way there. We played at the "beach" at Point Defiance, did the Puyallup, went to my high school's football game, went to church, met up with Kim and the Ortega's in Seattle and Kent, got haircuts from Grandma Jo, went hiking/walking, celebrated Grandpa's birthday, and then flew home. We had SO much fun. It was the perfect combo of friends/family/relaxing/doing stuff. There are approximately 1.6 million pictures below. I only suspect the truly bored or my dad to get through them all. :) And they were all taken with my phone - so not the best. But oh well, you get the idea.

 (puffs are delicious, says Claire)
The end. Congrats for making it through.

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