29 November 2009

Catch up

Here's a little blitz of what we've been doing lately:

Took some baths

Worked on our smiling...

Took pictures at JCPenney. Surprise! They turned out well.

ahh...Cami fell asleep on me (this NEVER happens!)

Played in some leaves

Stopped Cami from eating 100 leaves

W went streaking through the neighborhood.

Got sleepy and decided to rest in the stroller

Cut my hair (side note: BANGS! I had hideous bangs in high school and I swore never again. In college I grew them out after a complete stranger in the cougareat started eating fries off my tray and told me I'd be "hotter without those bangs". Who does that?! I was so angry and yet so grateful, because he was the push over the edge I needed to grow those bad boys out. Then after I did I started getting all these dates. Superficial boys... Anyways, I have these baby hairs coming in after giving birth and they needed to be hidden. Viola. I can't decide if they're cool or matronly. Ah well, stuck with them now.)

Made a pretty & tasty chicken pot pie

W ate some corn dogs (food of the gods)

We said goodbye to our friends, the Moss Family. (W& Calvin)

Kissed ourselves in the mirror.

Read some books

Played with Scotty and Courtney over Thanksgiving break. (They're saying "Yeah!!!")

Went Black Friday shopping at the outlets with Courtney, Brett, and Heather. Scored some serious deals.

Made turkey hats. (I SEWED them! That's right, I'm a sewer. No, not really. But I can thread the machine and make it go - sometimes in a straight line even. I've been making baby leg warmers like crazy cause that's the only thing I really know how to do. Those and turkey hats.)

You're caught up


Laura said...

A few thoughts...

1. Maybe you should send ME some of Cami's JC Penney pics! Just a thought... :) I really, really love them/her/all of you guys.

2. You + bangs = one SEXY lady. I give them two big thumbs up! HOTT. (And seriously, who was that guy in the Cougareat?? LAME.)

3. Lastly, I love Cami's PJs with the heart on the bum.


Melissa Lasley said...

What fun! And, I like your haircut.

nathan n rachel said...

Cute haircut. You were brave to do the bangs. I hated bangs!

tracie said...

Love the pic where the lady is nursing in the background.

GO Gray's said...

the pic's that Jcpenney's took of her with the flowers are adorable.