07 April 2010

Boo! Snow!

It's not quite 9AM and I'm very ready for the day to be over. Nothing terrible has happened, it's more the thought of going through the entire day that's depressing. I don't feel 100% and I have a cold sore now and my babes are already on my nerves and Cami is teething and it's snowing and we have no plans until 5PM. Boo! Boo to all of that!


todd & jocelyn said...

If I was there, I'd kidnap the babes! I'm sorry!

Katie said...

No fun! I just got a cold sore too. I had to drag myself out of the house this morning to take Abigail to tot lot. Now I have to go to class. Hope your day improves.

Jessica Sorensen said...

Come visit me. Our kids can keep each other entertained and I am dying of heat.