26 December 2012


 Caramel apples with Grandma and Grandpa! (And UNO, apparently)

Warren had a good birthday, and we all had an awesome Halloween. The pictures are a little Cami-heavy. But she loves being photographed. Warren has to be bribed or threatened. But I assure you, I love him just as much. :)

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GordonandChrissy said...

I kept meaning to ask you over Halloween if your house was crazy cool decorated. I remember you saying way back when we were all first married that Halloween was your favorite and when you had a house you'd go ALL out. Did Taylor go along with that? If you've got pictures - we'd love to see them. Spencer LOVED the houses that had tons of stuff out.

Cute Halloween kids!

I guess you're making your way up to a Christmas post? We'll look forward to more cute pictures. :)